Jus’ Sail Youth Programme shipmates complete their training with a voyage South!


Our Responsible Tourism Policy


Our Responsible Tourism Policy


Our Responsible Tourism Policy

Jus’ Sail Youth Programme shipmates complete their training with a voyage South!

The purpose of our 3 day voyage was for the students to put into practice what they had learnt in class and our days out on Spica and Good Expectation. To receive their International Yacht Training ( IYT) crew certification the voyage to the South of Saint Lucia was crucial as the culmination of their learning.

Our voyage was made possible by the generous donation by Christian Richings of his Beneteau 50′ Spirit Of The Wind. His family run the popular beach bar and restaurant Spinnakers restaurant, Reduit Beach St Lucia so when you’re next in their for one of their fabulous burgers or happy hour be sure to thank him for his support of our youth!

We also received a generous donation from Tecia Pierce a passionate supporter of the Jus’Sail Youth Training Programme and the youth of St Lucia. Her support helped to fund the provisioning required for the voyage.

Our first stop was Anse Cochon for snorkelling. This would be the first time snorkelling for almost all of the students and we hope it will not be their last. Some where apprehesive when first immersing themselves in the water with a mask and snorkel but soon got the hang of it much to their enjoyment. We enjoyed an evening meal of Capt. James’ Spaghetti Bolognese. The night was a rainy and occasionally rolly one which gave the students an idea of life aboard a vessel is not always comfortable! We describe it as character building… The next morning we headed out early for Canaries, fuelled up with a quick breakfast.

We met up with our guide Morgan at the Canaries dock at 8.30am ready for our hike from the beach, through the village and into the interior. Morgan is a passionate Canarian and proud of his village. He owns land in Ravine Duvall, a tributary of the Canaries River upon which is found one of the islands best waterfalls for an invigorating bathe. Morgan is also a founding member of the Canaries Community Improvement Foundation (CCIF) a community group dedicated to improving the economic reality of Canaries residents and preserving the environment of the Canaries Watershed.

We walked through the village and on into the lush green rainforest walking along the access road into Ravine Duvall the road was lined with a mix of  cocoa, grapefruit and coconut trees accompanied by the sound of running streams throughout the route…

The hike took us about an hour and a half and during this time the rain kept coming but it didn’t dampen our spirits. We started to hear the waterfall in the distance as we descended from the steps going down into a deep gorge and then there it was in its full glory the waterfall! Needless to say the group were extremely excited to enjoy the waterfall and got straight into the pool and under the falls, which gave a hearty massage. A great sense of reverence for Mother Nature and a sense of accomplishment for the hike was enjoyed by all…

Morgan maintains the path way to the waterfall so everyone can come and enjoy it. He has invested many hours and his own money in maintaining this area, keeping it clean and free of litter and is keen to welcome visitors who are keen to share in his little slice of paradise. He appreciates when people show their gratitude by being willing to make a contribution to the upkeep so if you want to head up there please give him a call to arrange your visit and agree on a fee for so doing up front.  His number is 1758 4871131. He will be happy to assist and looks forward to hearing from you!

After a revitalising time in the waterfall it was time to head back for lunch in the old Canaries church and start to make our way back to the boat.

A much quieter night was enjoyed by all in Canaries Bay and late afternoon gave time for some of the shipmates to enjoy some more snorkelling.

In preparation for the next morning the students take the lead on preparing the boat for Sailing, checking their passage plan and reviewing their navigation. Next stop is Zion Lion Farm in Anse L’Ivorgne, South of Gros Piton……

Partners Shirin Patterson and Paul Clifford are operators of Lion Zion Farm in Anse L’Ivorgne, Soufriere. Shirin and Paul are passionate about up holding the culture of St Lucia and this resonates in the food which is served here. Breakfast was being prepared for us by Paul’s sister Joanne and Shirin … Fresh local coffee, cocoa tea, coconut bread and cheese. Oswald ( one of students) went off to pick some fresh coconuts which was welcomed by all. This is a gem of place and a must visit if you like getting off the beaten track and experience something authentic… 

Before lunch James encouraged the students to practice their swimming and we managed to get in some tug of war between our to watches Alpha and Bravo teams …

It was time for lunch and what a feast …. All Local and fresh as can be! Chicken and fish, freshly grated coconut rice, sweet potato, fresh locally grown tomatoes and lettuce, grapefruit juice… delicious! All served on traditional amerindian style clay dishes and our utensils were coconut shell spoons which added to the rustic and real experience …

Shirin and Joanne made us so welcome and we will surely be back to Lion Zion Farm. If you are looking for an authentic experience this is a must. You can contact Shirin on 1 758 717 4663 for a day out to remember.

Bellys full and once again its time for us to get ready to set sail, this time for our home port of Rodney Bay …

We hit a heavy rain squall off Soufriere, which gave the students the opportunity to practice reefing the sails and after which the weather settled down so that by the time we reached Castries Harbour entrance we all enjoyed an exhilarating sail back to the Rodney Bay, with Denzel bringing the boat right up to the marina entrance before dropping our sails. Great stuff and a wonderful end to a fun packed and memorable three days afloat ….

We got back to Rodney Bay marina right at the planned time of 5pm with everyone in good spirits. The students took charge on our voyage home and they knew they had turned a corner in their sailing skills and knowledge … Well Done Team!

Now on to work experience to translate that learning and knowledge into the real world of work, the next few weeks could present some challenges to our shipmates in some new environments and we wish them well on the next chapter of their journey…