The Pearl becomes the Jus’Sail classroom for a few months


Our Responsible Tourism Policy


Our Responsible Tourism Policy


Our Responsible Tourism Policy

The Pearl becomes the Jus’Sail classroom for a few months

In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Jus’Sail has been contracted to deliver an introductory training programme to the marine sector for unemployed youth between the ages of 18 and 29. This is the first of 3 cohorts of students which consisted of 15 students: 4 girls and 11 boys.


The Jus’ Sail class room for the months programme is the Pearl which is based in Rodney Bay marina boat yard dock. The Pearl is an amazing space for a classroom, the deck is enormous which means all 15 students can move around freely while doing practical tasks …


Here is Gina talking to the students about her experience on the Jus’Sail youth training programme. Gina is now a hostess on our Jus’ Sail day charters she said ” not only do you learn about sailing you also learn about team work which is beneficial for any job you should apply for”.


On the first day the students got challenged to work out how to use block and tackles to benefit from the principle of mechanical advantage, an understanding of which is vital for knowing how to safely control sails and lift heavy loads such as the anchor safely and securely…


Learning how to throw a Life-Ring may seem easy but there is a technique everyone has to learn. Captain James is showing the students how its done “you must always make sure your lines don’t have any twists or knots so it doesn’t get caught and can stream away from the boat smoothly to its maximum extent ensuring it can reach a man overboard”


You really have to put your body into it ….


Here’s Nenville working on his technique …


Working on navigation was a head spinner for some of the students because it requires logical thought and concentration …


Here’s Nenville and Dixon taking a bearing on a nearby peak for plotting a position on the chart …


Zana is closing one eye to help look directly down the compass …


Learning about navigation means understanding how to plot your course on a nautical chart …


Not a bad spot for survival swimming training! … A big thank you to Richard and Tobias our swim coaches from St Lucia Lifesaving Association for their invaluable help.


Jus’ Sail couldn’t run a training programme without at least a few sessions out sailing aboard our own Good Expectation … an experience enjoyed by all!


The introduction to the marine sector training was a full itinerary covering the sailing basics from knots and hitches, VHF procedure, customer service, swimming, safety equipment, rules of the road, teamwork, leadership and more.

After the introductory training in the basics the students went onto intern work and number of the students are now working in the sector and some have gone onto further training, we wish them all the best!


A big big thank you to John Allenby owner and Christa Cooper the manager of the Pearl for allowing us to use this wonderful space as the Jus’Sail classroom